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He studies Piano, Singing, Vocal Technique, Musical Composition, Counterpoint, Musical Analysis. His teachers were Ernesto Epstein, Sergio Hualpa, Guillermo Graetzer, José Antonio Gallo, Aurora Fiocca, Ana Pino, Enrique Morera, Helga Epstein, Horacio Amauri, Celina Torres, Antonio Yepes, Carlos López Puccio, Jorge Schultiss, among others.
He works as a pianist in accompaniment of classic and contemporary dance classes, with teachers such as Renate Schottelius, Cristina Barnils, Ana Itelman, Oscar Araiz, Vakhtang Tchaboukiani, Roxana Grinstein, Mauricio Wainrot, Ana Maria Stekelman, Freddy Romero, Margarita Bali, Ana Deutsch, Susana Tambutti, Juan Carlos Bellini, Norma Binaghi, Margarette Haim and Jackie Pirard, among others.
He holds an academic position as a University Professor at the Arts of Movement Department (Departamento de Artes del Movimiento) from the National Art University Institute (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte).
He has worked at the Colón Theather Superior Art Institute (Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón), at the Dance Workshop (Taller de Danzas) and at the San Martín Theater Contemporary Dance Group (Grupo de Danza Contemporánea del Teatro San Martín). He also held positions at the Dance Companie and at the Dance Academy of the choreographer Peter Goss (Paris), as well as at the Academie Chaptal, (Paris), and at the Margarita Bali´s Contemporary Dance School (Escuela de Danza Contemporánea de Margarita Bali). He worked at the Ricky Pashkus and Julio Bocca´s Musical Comedy School (Escuela de Comedia Musical of Ricky Pashkus y Julio Bocca) and at the School of Contemporary Dance Association Art XXI (Escuela de Danza Contemporánea, Asociación Arte XXI), managed by Oscar Araiz and Guido de Benedetti, among others institutions.
As an academic researcher, he participates in the following research projects: “Concept of the Rhythm in the Art of the Dance” and “The Rhythm in the Dance Interpreter and Related Disciplines”. Those projects are accredited by the Arts of Movement Department Research Institute (Instituto de Investigación del Departamento de Artes del Movimiento) from the National Art University Institute (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte). He also works in the projects “Art Languages Combined: Diverse Ways of Interrelation” and “The Crossing of Languages in the Argentina of the XXI Century”, accredited by the School of Graduate Studies in Combined Languages (Posgrado en Lenguajes Combinados), from the Prilidiano Pueyrredón Visual Art Department  (Departamento de Artes Visuales “Prilidiano Pueyrredón”), within the National Art University Institute.
He also works as a pianist and composer, taking part of diverse musical and theatrical performances like Tangos y Susurros by Mónica Maffía; La Puñalada by Susana Tambutti (New York); Mar en Calma, Las Paseantes, La Familia China, Suite, Caballo en un incendio (Chile, Mexico) by the La Serie Team directed by Ita Scaramuzza and Alfredo Rosenbaum; La Mirada de Dios by Alfredo Rosenbaum; El Mensajero by César Aira; Ricardo III by William Shakespeare, adaptation and direction by Laura Silva; Sangre, Macabra Parodia Trágica de una Muerte Erótica by Laura Silva and Osvaldo Peluffo; Bolero by Cristina Moreira; El Evangelio según Darío Fo by Claudio Nadie; Parece Mentira (Montevideo, Uruguay), by Andrea Bonelli and Nacho Gadano; Die Farce der Suche by Paula Rosolen (Frankfurt, Hamburgo, Berlin, Krackov and Bytom, in Germany and Poland); among others.