Die Farce der Suche - ein Solo von und über Renate Schottelius

Die Farce der Suche takes a look at one the most important dancers and pioneers of German expressionist dance in Argentina: Renate Schottelius. The piece tries to create a persona consisting out of thousands of memories that have been researched. Verbally described movement should be re-transformed into dance.
Die Farce der Suche is a dance piece that investigates how an archived document can be turned into memory of communication with the means of scenic presentation. Furthermore, the piece aims at showing how the archive as a genre or an institution has the potential possibility to be brought back to life with the help of dance or theatrical representation.
Reconstruction as a work method always implies a work with gaps or blank spaces but also has to do with the past being brought into present. Eventually, the reanimation of something old always leads to the creation of something new.
Therefore Schottelius’ choreography Aria, which was premiered in 1946, will be created once again. A solo in the land between documentation and memory.

Concept, Interviews and Choreography: Paula Rosolen |
Dancer: Natala Mariel Gómez | Piano: David Morrow / Anibal Zorrilla |
Dramaturgy: Eleonora Herder | Stage Tecnique: Lea Rosa Schneidermann |
Lights: Hendrik Borowski | Original Music: Anibal Zorrilla (Buenos Aires) |
Mentors: Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund / Prof. Dr. Jeff Friedman.





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